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Tony Cartlidge & Glen Browne

Legends often begin in the most ordinary surroundings. For Tony Cartlidge and Glen Browne, the legend began in 1980 in Napa Valley. Cartlidge-a dreamer with a love of wine and a fondness for taking the road less traveled-and Browne-a man of great business sense and a small amount to invest-set out to build a wine company from scratch.

After Talking his way into a winery tour guide job and convincing the owner to let him dabble in winemaking, Tony

and partner Glen Browne decided to break all the rules and embark on a winemaking enterprise with no experience, winery, or vineyards - something unheard of at the time.

The two were among the earliest adapters of an American "garagiste" tradition. Originating in Bordeaux, this term was used for small lot winemakers, sometimes working in their garages, who refused to follow the rules, crafting wine without grand estates or a legacy of family winemaking to rely on.

Cartlidge & Browne believed in a hands-on approach, meticulously selecting grapes from diverse terroirs that showcased the best of California's viticultural regions. Their focus was on crafting wines that expressed the unique characteristics of each grape variety and the distinct microclimates where the grapes were grown

Today, the garage may be gone, but their entrepreneurial spirit and vision lives on.


Our Vineyards & Wines

At Cartlidge & Browne, our commitment lies in curating wines that authentically express the essence of California's diverse landscapes. Over the years, we have continued to evolve while staying true to our roots, dedicated to sourcing premium grapes and crafting wines that celebrate the beauty and complexity of California's wine regions. Today, our winery stands as a powerful testament to the founders' vision and passion for creating outstanding wines that mirror the spirit of the Golden State.

Join us in savoring the spirit of California with every sip.

Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noir captures the essence of cool-climate regions, presenting a delicate yet expressive profile. It boasts vibrant red fruit aromas, nuanced with hints of earthiness and spice, showcasing the finesse and complexity typical of top-quality Pinot Noir. It is a refined and nuanced Pinot Noir that exemplifies the grace and subtlety of California's cooler vineyard sites, providing a balanced and versatile wine suited for various occasions.

Join us in savoring the spirit of California with every sip.

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Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Cabernet Sauvignon embodies the boldness and structure associated with premier appellations like Napa Valley. It showcases deep layers of black currant, dark chocolate, and hints of cedar, supported by firm tannins, providing a powerful yet elegant profile. A classic, robust, and age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon ideal for enthusiasts seeking bold flavors and cellar potential.

Join us in savoring the spirit of California with every sip.

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Our Chardonnay showcases the perfect balance between richness and vibrancy. With judicious oak aging, it exudes creamy textures while maintaining bright acidity, highlighting flavors of ripe orchard fruits and subtle vanilla notes. It is the ultimate expression of California Chardonnay, offering a harmonious blend of fruit-forward richness and refreshing acidity, ideal for those seeking a sophisticated yet approachable white wine experience.

Join us in savoring the spirit of California with every sip.

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A testament to the velvety textures and lush dark fruit flavors, our Merlot offers a smooth palate with layers of black cherry, plum, and a touch of mocha, showcasing the varietal's richness and supple tannins. A luxurious yet approachable Merlot perfect for those seeking velvety textures and rich fruit flavors.

Join us in savoring the spirit of California with every sip.

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Artistry in

Winemaker Russ Fish

Established by passionate winemakers with a vision for crafting exceptional wines, our journey begins by sourcing the finest grapes from renowned vineyards across the state.

Sonoma native Russ Fish, a UC Davis graduate with a Master's in Viticulture and Enology, gained winemaking experience in various Sonoma County wineries before landing at Cartlidge & Browne. His winemaking philosophy mirrors that of the founders, emphasizing the sourcing of grapes from the diverse North Coast region to create balanced, fruit-forward wines that embody the essence of California's diverse terroirs in each bottle.


Cartlidge & Browne Cares

Cartlidge & Browne knows what it takes to not only make great wine, but to work in a food & beverage centered industry that is rigorous, rapid, but also very rewarding. We are proud to partner with CORE in supporting the children and families of restaurant employees.

CORE is a national nonprofit dedicated to providing financial relief to food & beverage service employees with children who have been faced with a life-altering health crisis, death, injury, or natural disaster.

CORE provides support in the form of a financial grant when an employee, spouse or child faces a medical crisis, injury, death, or natural disaster. A grant may cover rent/mortgage, utilities, prescription/ medical equipment costs, funds for necessities, childcare, expenses related to a funeral and more. CORE serves as a resource and benefit for operators across the country.

Cartlidge & Browne is proud to support this great organization by donating 10% of all cases sold in the on-premise market this year! To join us in supporting CORE, please consider donating to CORE directly by clicking the link below, or simply by ordering a glass or bottle of Cartlidge & Browne next time you find yourself dining out.

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